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“As a two-tour Viet Nam Tank Commander who hand-chiseled and lived in a rock-quarry cave for five months during the infamous siege at Khe Sanh, I left the Marine Corps broken, but not out. After several painful decades of grueling therapy and military hospitals I emerged from being a junior high flunky ((failing algebra a whopping nine times (see actual transcripts below)) to simultaneously attending three colleges, including an Ivy League, in two states (Texas and New York) and graduating Summa Cum Laude in just two years at over fifty years old – ALL debt free and with money to spare.

I was in your shoes and now I enjoy a life of total emotional satisfaction. And now you too finally deserve to BE A LIFE-LONG HERO TO THE ONES YOU LOVE. Please do not take the long road as I did in trying to figure out the best strategy for any vet to get their degree in a fraction of the time with no loans or debt. Don’t make the mistakes I made by trial and error, do it the right way and get your degree fast, on top and the first time around! I figured out the system and NOW IT’S YOUR TURN.”


In this step by step program you will discover:

  • The secret to how vets can graduate college in Half the Time.
  • How you can capitalize on Your Military & Life Experience.
  • The one part time job you can get any time and will help you with Public Speaking.
  • Turn worry, anxiety & PTSD into Mountains of Tax-Free Money to help you graduate!
  • Instantly I.D. your personal Warriors P.E.A.C.E. Plan.
  • Cash-in Your Personal Lottery "For Life."
  • Neutralize The 7 Ugly Habits of Highly Unemployable Warriors.
  • Rush to the head of the line to qualify for your new career.

Are you at a cross road in your life, right now?

If you like most vets, you have returned from duty and found your finances a mess and your future uncertain, then look no more. Let's be honest, on your own you will most likely wander around trying to get a degree spending a lot of money and even then have a lower than average chance of graduating.

Even if you graduate you'll be loaded with debt and hoping you can pay your bills and dig yourself out of this hole.

This happens to vets across the country every day. Not only do they not get their degree they end up in even more debt with no chance of paying it off. Don't let this happen to you. Don't fail at your goal of graduating. Most vets never get their degree and never find out about all the programs and strategies available to help them succeed.

You deserve better after what you have sacrificed.

You have an opportunity to take control of your life and your future right now.

Listen... you don't go to war without a plan from someone who has experience, so why treat your life that way? Don't reinvent the wheel doing costly trial an error to achieve your education goals; Claude has done all the work for you. Act now and you can take advantage of his years of experience and success. You're at a fork in the road of life... You can continue on the downward path you're on now, wishing and hoping for a better life, working too hard, for no results while life passes you by. Best case scenario, getting in tons of debt and barely graduating?


Chose to have the future you want. Learn from soldiers who have accomplished it. Follow the easy to use step by step system laid out here and end up getting your degree in half the time, and debt free. There is no other system like this designed by a vet for vets just like you.


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