About Claude Regis Vargo

Claude Regis Vargo

When people first meet Claude Vargo, they instantly realize and immediately sense his intense drive for perfection and his enthusiasm for life. The author brings this drive and enthusiasm in his writings to assist and inspire others to do whatever it takes to better their own lives.

In his early life, Claude struggled with and learned to hate school, then finally dropped out of high school. His life priorities were changed by the raging war in Viet Nam and by his patriotism and his dream of becoming a United States Marine Corps sergeant. More than thirty years after dropping out of high school, he attended an Ivy League college and a Texas university to graduate with highest honors in the top of his class in record time.

As a teen, Claude fell in love with the three things that would shape his life: the girl he would marry and always be with, the glamour of working in Houston’s finest hotels and restaurants, and the honor of being a U.S. Marine Corps sergeant, in roughly that order.

In 1967, Claude joined the Marine Corps, and after training, he was immediately sent to Viet Nam and landed squarely on the Demilitarized Zone just before the start of the infamous siege of Khe Sanh and the Tet Offensive. He survived the siege by digging a rock quarry cave and went on to serve two grueling tours of duty as a tank commander in numerous combat engagements. He was wounded several times and contracted potentially life-taking maladies of mountain jungle warfare. Claude was battlefield promoted and justly decorated. Ironically, the war that almost killed him many times would, in the end, alter the course of his life for the better.

As a married student in midlife with four children, Claude abruptly altered his life course by again dropping out of a spiraling career and completely starting over to graduate summa cum laude from the Conrad N. Hilton College at the University of Houston in two short years, eventually finishing his master’s degree there in one.

Now, still with their zest for life, Claude and Gloria, who is Claude’s Rock of Gibraltar, are still married, with four grown children and nine grandchildren. Most recently, Claude has combined his hard work and success in college and his love of the hotel industry into a partnership with one of his professors. Now when Claude Vargo speaks, people listen.

The author currently lives outside Atlanta, Georgia, with his beloved wife. His future plans include climbing a few more of life’s mountains.